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key features: 
# Attractive UI. # Filters (price, features, name, Instock) # Warning (In stock/ Out stock) # Add to cart # Log-in/Registration # Newsletter subscription # Shipping # Payment Gateway

It is a website dedicated to the art of anime or japanese animation and it showcases and canvasses the craft for the lay viewer and dedicated fans as well. It describes and plays the various animation and provides many links episode wise. It is your one stop solution to all your anime needs from anime movies, to anime series and reviews, it offers all.

The Challenge


The major task was to build a website which was engaging, interactive, attractive and appealing to the lay visitor and also to an Anime aficionado. A site that informed and entertained in equal measure and which showcased the aesthetics of Anime Art.


The Result


A highly responsive and dynamic site which allowed participation and interaction. A site which provided a comprehensive coverage of Anime information and news and which allowed users to leave chat messages and interact with other like minded individuals and aficionados. The site is easy to use and traverse and provides an option to review.