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key features: 
# multiple categories of blog # Search bar # Newsletter subscription # log-in/registration # Comment, recommend, share option # Feedback form # donate option # Payment gateway (PayPAL)

It is a site which is a one stop answer to all your fitness needs. It details everything from motivation to exercises to weight loss and sports training to several others. It is a comprehensive site which covers the entire spectrum of health and fitness. It explains food supplements and describes their pro’s and cons. This site is a good asset for any fitness enthusiast and health seeker.

The Challenge


The major task was to create a website which detailed all the health needs of an individual in an appealing and attractive manner and which also showcased the spectrum of health and fitness information.


The Result


A Wordpress based website, which is dynamic, user friendly and easy to navigate. Content rich, informative and interactive, the site moves seamlessly from page to page and provides data in an attractive and appealing manner to retain and attract customers. It brings all the elements together to create a holistic experience.