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GH Sport

GH Sport
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GH Sports are sports apparel made in America. They are made in california in San Luis Obispo. They make quality wear for a variety of sports and have made a name for themselves in this category. They design and test apparel for running, cycling, Triathlon and Fitness wear. In business for more than thirty years, they have designed and manufactured apparel for sports and have done so with constant and minute attention to detail and quality.


The Challenge


The challenge was to build a website which was in sync with the values of the company and also portrayed Made in America as a major salient feature of the corporation. It was also important to display the entire range of apparels that the company manufactured. The site had to be commiserate with the quality and durability of the manufactured products.


The Result


A responsive, attractive site which was lithe and precise and listed all the apparels, for both men and women, in easily accessible links. It displayed key products with their corresponding pictures in an attractive manner to appeal to potential customers and clients. The site is easy to navigate and operates smoothly from page to page.