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Out in the Backyard

Out in the Backyard
key features: 
# Newsletter subscription #Social Media campaigns # Log-in/regestraion # Event calendar # Business listing with detail page

It is a site with a unique mission. It wants to be a meeting place for LGBTQ people and provide them a platform to communicate and share with each other. It is aimed at pulling them out of their loneliness and giving them a voice and like minded friends. It is a part of the backyard initiative supported by Allina and Cultural wellness center. The aim is to bring people out of their social or self imposed ostracization and help them connect and break barriers.


The Challenge


The task was to build a website which was open and inviting and which provided all the links and the news to bring the LGBT people together. The challenge was to provide the community with an entire range of tools and activities with which they could transform their loneliness and become active members of the community.


The Result


A content rich site which offered a lot of resources to the targeted community and allowed them to connect and talk to each other via the platform. It keeps the community updated through news and allows their participation through various organized events. The site encourages active engagement and offers a wide variety of tools to that effect.