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Remmo Baby

Remmo Baby
key features: 
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It is a baby monitoring system which not only keeps an eye on the baby but also alerts when baby’s breathing stops. It is an easy to use, sleek and portable device. The site provides information about the instrument and also relates it backstory. A person can also buy or order the instrument from the website. Your smartphone can be connected to the instrument to receive signals remotely.


The Challenge


The task was to build a site which showcased the importance of a baby monitoring system and related to the customers the need for such a devise. The site had to be easy to use, informative and concise and pithy. It had to detail the features of the device in a manner which attracted the customer. The site had to be engaging and informative.


The Result


A Wordpress based website which is striking to behold, easy to use and smooth to operate. It is as part informative as it is attractive and details the features of the system. It allows a seamless transition from page to page and builds the need of the device. There is a link for blogs and a link to Pre-order the device.