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Visilab works to provide optical solutions to professionals. It provides eye care or opticals for individuals in various field, working in varying circumstances whether it is driving, computer work, lab work or something else which requires wearing glasses. The glasses can be prescribed corrective ones or protective ones. Visilab provides both. It works to ensure optimum quality and premium services to all its customers.


The Challenge


The challenge was to build a website which portrayed the care and professionalism with which Visilab approached its work. The site had to be concise, lithe and upright. The site had to showcase the entire spectrum of products and services that the organization provided.


The Result


A site which described the main goals of the company and served its central clientele. The site is easy to navigate, transforms seamlessly from page to page, brings out the core competency of the company and makes it appealing and informative for visitors and potential customers. It is visually attractive and content rich to bring a perfect blend of elements to further the company goals.