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If you are looking for applications like Google Apps, Microsoft Office Live, and WebEx WebOffice ,webmail,online retail sales,online auctions,wikis,instant messaging services which are stored on remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface then Dice Infocom is the end for your journey.

We are premier web application Development Company and constantly gaining new cognizance into what makes a perfect web application.

Our focus always remains on how we can achieve the objectives laid out in the most efficient and user friendly manner. To develop a high scale web application it requires  accurate planning, legitimate research, business consulting, analysis, programming, testing and training.

Being established as a prominent Custom WebApps service provider, we put our 100% rigour in creating an application that is capable of handling large amount of data and complex transactions while keeping security and performance in mind.

We have a team which is aware of how important the website performance is for your business’ success.

We invests in good work ethics and actively pursues long term support contracts for our web applications. We engineer web applications for everyone:  large universities to boutique advertising agencies, multinational corporations to small non-profits.

But we don’t let our technology savvy go to our heads—we’re real people, too.

Why Dice ?

  • Team of developers having versed knowledge of ASP.NET
  • Intelligent and Innovative solutions to all your web needs
  • Effective cost with rapid development
  • Complete compatibility with diverse browsers and OS
  • Seamless maintenance and support services

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