PHP Training

PHP Training

PHP is a server side scripting language used for general purpose programming and specially building websites. PHP can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems and web frameworks and it can also be embedded into HTML code.

PHP has become very popular with a large number of sites having been developed using this platform. We have a long experience and proficiency with PHP.

About PHP Training from dice

Our training will begin from the very basic from WAMP/LAMP/XAMP installation and all the way to developing web applications. This training will include develop websites using HTML and CSS and also code customizations. The course will be comprehensive and cover all points basic and advanced in detail. This PHP Training in Jaipur would be one of its kind.

In addition to PHP, the course includes training on any one CMS:
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Magento

Why us?

We have hands on experience with these platforms, having developed hundreds of applications for real world and real time use. This gives us an edge over any other institution for academic training. What we can train has value beyond the class room. Our extensive work with these platforms allows us to develop in depth knowledge and know-how of these software’s which puts us in an enviable position where we know every idiosyncrasy of the said platforms. We can deliver much more than just academic verbiage. With us, you will find knowledge that goes beyond the classroom and is Industry and employment relevant.

Benefit to students

Students will benefit immensely from us as we can impart practical knowledge which our faculty has gained with years of experience delivering many projects of varying complexities. They are veterans of many software life cycle and have an in depth knowledge of the field. They are ideally situated to train new students on the intricacies of PHP.