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A.M. Renovation

A.M. Renovation
key features: 
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AM renovation provides solutions to your queries. It is a consultation site which aims to be a one stop solution provider to your needs. A User must register before he can start using the site. Through services offered, it proffers to become a bouquet of solution provider. They are a group of people who seek to provide best in class solutions to posted queries. Leveraging experience, skill and talent, they work to ensure you get the best resolution to your queries.


The challenge


The aim was to create a website which was easy to navigate and highly responsive to the user. Functional and utilitarian, the site had to offer exactly what it promised. It had to provide an outright and responsive design to the user.


The result


A Drupal based website which integrated user responsiveness with the simple elegance of design. It offers straightforward features, which are easy to use and understand. For a site that aims to be a consultation, it had to be accessible and self explanatory. We created it to client specification and ensured that its salient characteristics were in sync with the site’s aims and ambitions.