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Dhristhi Education

Dhristhi Education
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Informative website #Responsive

Established as a core group of highly specialized and motivated trainers, Dhristhi Education provides training and facilitation to corporates and companies across several sectors like aerospace, financial services, manufacturing, biotechnology and several others. They ensure business excellence through qualitative training. They are dedicated to providing best-in-class services to their diverse bouquet of clients to ensure that their employees are trained for talent nurture and development. Training modules are deployed for customer resolutions, motivation, improved communication and decreased turnaround time.


The Challenge


The task was to build a site that was interactive, engaging yet informative. A Site that delivered on the academic sphere without becoming dry and ineffective. It was important to offer the competence of core team to attract new business.


The Result


We built a site that offered and displayed the proficiency of the core team to attract new students. The site is easy to navigate and smoothly transforms from page to page to deliver optimum performance. Developed on Wordpress, it operates flawlessly and brings out the key features of the business. It brings to effect the most salient feature of the organization, its highly specialized trainers to draw more business.