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It is a Hong Kong based interior design Firm. Initially it was setup to cater to the startups and venture firm that were sprouting in the city but over the years it has spread its clientele and now covers a spectrum of firms covering a range of industries. They believe that the work environment grows from the culture of the company. Recognizing and acknowledging that culture and transforming it into elements of interior design is the central job of the firm.


The Challenge


The major task was to ensure that the creativity and uniqueness and the versatility of the firm translated to digital platform in a smooth and pleasing manner. It was important to acknowledge the startups and venture firm roots of the organization and its subsequent expansion both spatially and creatively. It was imperative to give a hint of the company’s philosophy of mixing work, play and fun.


The Result


A highly creative site which was a perfect blend of visual appeal and content enrichment that invited and initiated the user to firm’s talent and uniqueness. It transforms seamlessly from page to page and listed all the services that the firm had to offer. The site was built around the firm’s philosophy and brought to bear the right elements of play and work to give a glimpse into the company’s culture and work.