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Malone Tuning

Malone Tuning
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Malone Tuning has been providing services to clients for a long time now and has a rich, diverse set of customers that vouch for it. Developing kits for various models from VW to Audi, to Porsche, BMW, Malone tuning has delivered exceptional products and services. Malone provides all products without infringing on the US and Canada emission guidelines. With strong commitment to customer satisfaction and product deliverables, the organization has evolved from strength to strength.


The Challenge


The main task was to build a website which displayed the salient features and main products of the company in a way that was appealing, engaging and intriguing. The site had to be informative in product details for the tech savvy user.


The Result


The site delivered on the core products of the organization in technical details to allow a user to make an informed decision. Drupal based, it was easy to navigate, and listed all the products for ECU tuning to custom tuning. Appealing to both a layman and a Tech Savvy user, the site brings out the best for everyone.