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key features: 
Multiple Product pages #Attractive UI design #Pdf attached files #Multilingual (English, Chinese)

When it comes to lighting fixtures for offices, homes, residentials and industrials, no name is as trusted in Honk Kong as Maxgrand. They are motivated to be the solution provider to any need and requirement, be it functional or ornamental, utilitarian or decorative. They have established their brand through years of hard work and dedication beginning from 1992. Always evolving with changing times and architecture, they have a highly skilled team of designers, engineers and salesperson who work diligently towards customer satisfaction. Always in step with innovation, they work to keep abreast with times.


The Challenge


The major task was to create a site which showcased the diverse products of the company in an appealing and attractive manner while canvassing the company’s mission and philosophy to attract new customers and build up support.


The Result


A user friendly site which displayed the rich variety of company’s products in a manner that was both informative and engaging. Developed on a Drupal platform, the site had all the features of the open source platform, was easy to navigate and appealing to behold. It featured all the achievements of the company and listed every product with its corresponding photograph to give a better idea to viewers and potential customers.