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key features: 
Responsive #Free ads for buying and selling #Basic and enhance membership #Sign- in/ Registration #Add product to sell # private message option #Social share

It is a unique endeavor, by Barry Koren, to match people who need work done on their homes and buildings with those who can and are willing to help with that work. The aim has been to build a community of people where they can exchange information, posts, blogs, articles for mutual benefit. The driving philosophy is to bring people together in a mix and match pattern for best interest of the individual and the community. They are a dynamic site which has the potential to grow as people with common interests share links and resources. From local to global, they keep their ideas focused on the core strategy of getting people together with common interest to get a job done.


The challenge


The test was to build a website that would have characteristics of the local and expanse of the global. A site that would give its users the earthly feel of the Rustic life with the feature rich, integrated personality of the Urban. To make people come together over common interests and cause, required a site which would be easy to navigate and yet engaging enough to hold the interest of the user.


The Result


We tried to understand it from the viewpoint of the end user – an individual in the village. In an effort to further the cause of community building and sharing, we designed a website which was easy to use, feature rich and gave one the feel of a shared community, its goals and needs. It allows users to interact with each other, form communities and have a richer experience. Drupal based, the website is highly responsive and gives user complete control over his interaction with it. It allows one to form and join groups and interact internally and with other groups as well over shared interests and communication.