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Technical Artist Concept Artist

Technical Artist Concept Artist
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A personal website which showcases the versatility and the creativity of the artist. It brings to bear the varied skills of the individual through a kaleidoscope of his work and achievements. It presents all the salient works and projects of the individual by detailing them on the website so that it can draw more business and customers.


The Challenge


To create a website which was commiserate with the skill and talent of the individual and which displayed all the work and projects done by him. It was important to showcase it in an interesting and captivating manner to intrigue the user and a potential customer.


The Result


A Drupal based platform, which as much entertained as it intrigued and which provided a portfolio of the individual’s skill and achievement to draw more customers. The site moves smoothly from page to page detailing the varied expertise of the individual from animation to design to sketches. The site is easy to use and dynamic and interactive and which brings all the elements together in a composite solution.