Android Training

Android Training

Android is an open source Linux based operating system which powers tablets and smartphones. Since its release by Google, Android has become the most popular operating system with smartphones so much so that Android and smartphones have become synonyms. Android has the overwhelming market share for smartphones. A large number of smartphones are running on Android all over the world.

About Android training from Dice

Our comprehensive training would start from basic and build towards advanced structures. From OOPs concept to SQL using DML & DDL queries, the course will include advanced features like XML parsing and JSON parsing. It will also cover basic UI design like form widget, text fields, layouts etc.

Why us?

Android is an open source operating system which too has been the cause of its popularity. We have a long history of developing varied platforms and apps for Android. We have good in depth knowledge of what Android does and how it behaves. Having developed Countless applications for varied customer needs and requirements we know Android fully well and have knowledge which can benefit others. Android will remain the market leader in its class and therefore domain expertise in it will remain profitable. We will provide best in class training of Android in Jaipur.

We have hands on experience with these platforms, having developed hundreds of applications for real world and real time use. This gives us an edge over any other institution for academic training. What we can train has value beyond the class room. Our extensive work with these platforms allows us to develop in depth knowledge and know-how of these software’s which puts us in an enviable position where we know every idiosyncrasy of the said platforms. We can deliver much more than just academic verbiage. With us, you will find knowledge that goes beyond the classroom and is Industry and employment relevant.

Benefit to students

Our course on Android training resonates with current industry trends and we provide topical training. We have all the expertise to train students and impart in depth know-how of the Android system. We are primed to transfer all our gathered experience of many projects in a meaningful pattern. With us, students would be highly benefited as they would have access to subject matter experts.